Retail and Mall Parking Management

At ParkOps, our offering goes beyond providing the highest levels of customer service in the two critical phases of the guest experience, arrival and departure. Underlying our warm welcome and fond farewell is sound operations management at every level. Most importantly, it begins with hiring only the best of candidates and having detailed, site-specific processes and procedures that yield consistent results.

Our expertise in devising viable parking solutions for your parking garages, on-street spaces (meters and respective enforcement), efficient valet, facility maintenance, and overall logistics planning will ensure that your guests can quickly find parking and focus on the reason for their visit; Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment.

Most importantly, your Retail Valet Parking Management Team will provide you with transparent reporting for every facet of your operation. Through our on-going revenue analysis, volume trending, and labor modeling efforts, ParkOps will be able to provide you with insight and true knowledge of your parking operation.

You should expect more than an invoice.

Contact us today to find out how ParkOps plans to exceed your operational needs and service expectations.

Your RetailOps Team will provide:

  • Dedicated Operations Manager
  • Customer Focused Service Presence
  • Parking Plan Development and Long-term Execution
  • On-going Analysis of Revenue, Volume, and Labor
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Technology Implementation and Support
    • Online Bill Payment for Monthly Parking Accounts


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