Hiring the right valet service can be a difficult task.  There are a lot of valet parking companies, large and small, that claim to provide the best service in the business.  As a business owner, sorting through the web of promises and shortfalls can be a daunting task.  Your time is valuable and you need to stay focused on your business, not micro managing a third party service.  

Additionally, Philadelphia valet services face their own challenges.  Choosing valet parking services in Philadelphia can be more challenging than in the suburbs or even other major cities.  

In order to save you time and the headaches associated with hiring the wrong provider or implementing the service, we have put together a list of must ask questions to help qualify your potential providers and the overall valet program you are trying to establish. 

Valet parking questions you need to ask yourself . . . 

  1. What are my service goals?

  2. What are my financial goals?

  3. What is my true need for valet parking?

  4. What value can valet provide beyond the core services?

  5. Do I really need valet parking?

When trying to gauge your actual need for the right valet service, the above questions are the only place to start.  If your business prides itself on service, service, service and you cater to high-end clientele who expect nothing but the best, it will impact the overall cost and you will need a partner who understands that.  

Valet parking questions you need to ask your potential provider . . .

  1. How do you control quality on a day to day basis?

  2. How do you plan to staff this operation?

  3. Where do you plan to park the vehicles?

  4. Do you have a backup place to store vehicles?

  5. Do you have a contract with the garage operator at any other locations?

  6. What are you insurance limits?

  7. Can I see a copy of your ACCORD certificate?

  8. Will my business be named additional insured?

  9. Can you provide loss runs from your insurance provider?

  10. How do you manage time tracking for your employees?

  11. How do you handle customer claims and damaged vehicles? 

  12. How do you hire your employees?

  13. Are your attendants employees or subcontractors?

  14. Do you have references that I can call?

  15. Do you operate any downtown Philadelphia Valet Service?

  16. What parking industry experience do you have beyond restaurant valet parking?

  17. What is your typical response to a service complaint?  (ex. customer waited entirely too long)


Do you want the full list of questions to ask?  We have over 50 questions that you should ask your potential provider before hiring!  

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