Why ParkOps?

ParkOps has 100% Client Retention since 2006.

From valet parking services for family-owned restaurants to mixed-use projects, our professional parking management services
can be scaled to accommodate any of your business needs.


Together, we will determine the best way to achieve our aligned goals.

Not only can ParkOps fully manage any aspect of your parking operation, our sound reporting procedures and deliverables will provide you with the necessary information to effectively implement a successful parking program.

We are here to offer world-class service to each and every customer.

ParkOps prides itself on being fully-scalable. Our platform lets you easily add or reduce staff size either daily, weekly or seasonally. We have “on-call” staff, made up of over 180 attendants, that can be dispatched at any time.

Each day, our on-site supervisors complete audit reports for complete transparency into everyday operations. We accept full responsibility for our actions and our work. If we do something in error or identify a problem facing our client, we accept responsibility and resolve the problem proactively.

ParkOps assumes full liability of every vehicle we handle. All of our drivers and staff are covered on our policy. Our “safety first” attitude significantly decreases accidents and claims. We average 3 claims for every 100,000 vehicles parked.

Our team is made up of professionals - and they are expected to look like it. Fully uniformed, the ParkOps team believes in a flawless first impression. Our greeters always step toward the approaching guest and offer them a sincere smile and “hello.” By displaying great energy and enthusiasm, we show pride in our jobs and the establishments that we represent. Our team is constantly aware of their positioning, body language, facial gestures, and voice inflection.

We turn our downtime into uptime by always finding ways to add value. Whether we’re checking parked cars for quality or organizing a designated work area, our team is always anticipating needs and being proactive.