ParkOps offers full parking garage management services. . . but we do it differently

We don't believe in slashing jobs, removing the service element, replacing it with a machine, and assigning one person the responsibility of stopping by to pick up the cash. . . oh and maybe he'll sweep while he's there. This is NOT how we operate.

Instead, we keep your parking garage management overhead low by implementing technology solutions upstream. The technology already built into our business allows us to reduce parking garage management costs and truely provide better service to our clients and their customers.

We've automated nearly all workflow on our end and have established a portal that can handle feeding data about your facility. This includes revenue reporting, utilization data, cost/volume profit analysis, cashier reports, schedules, event calendars, incident notifications, customer feedback and more.

With your current parking management company, every month the books get closed and land on your desk about 5 days later with only an invoice. With ParkOps' parking garage management service the books never close and never show up late. Our financial numbers are driven by our reporting workflow, as is. If there's a correction, you'll see why and who approved it. We have the revenue controls and processes you need to trust your operator and your overall investment.

As the manager of your valuable parking garage revenue stream, we feel that it is our responsibility to provide our clients with sound business procedures and controls at every level -- all the way to the top. Your accountant will enjoy having us around. . .

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Your Parking Garage Management Team will provide:

  • Professional Facility Manager
  • Continuous Staff Training
  • Strict Revenue Control -- 99% Collection
  • On-going Analysis of Revenue, Volume, and Labor
  • Transparent Reporting/Accounting
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Professional Project Management -- PMP on staff!
  • Scalable Event Staffing
  • Technology Implementation and Support
    • Self-Service Kiosks and Revenue Control Solutions
    • Online Bill Payment for Monthly Parking Accounts
  • Consulting Services

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