Dear Monthly Parking Customers, 

We are excited to announce that beginning August 1st, our company - ParkOps - will be assuming management of your current parking lot! 


By clicking "Download the Agreement" will find the necessary paperwork for enrollment into our monthly parking program. Please complete and return:

  1. Monthly Parking Agreement
    Outlines the terms of agreement between ParkOps LLC, and monthly customer, as well as, records vehicle information.
  2. ACH Authorization Form (Preferred)  
    Authorizes direct withdrawal from bank account on a one time or recurring basis for monthly parking fees.  
  3. Credit Card Authorization Form 
    Authorizes a credit or debit transaction on a one time or recurring basis for monthly parking fees.  
  4. Wage Works Customers
    If you are enrolled in Wage Works, please notify them that your new payee is ParkOps Columbus, LLC; 1400 Dublin Rd, Suite B, Columbus, OH 43215.  Upon receiving your first invoice, please notify them of your new Account Number accordingly.
  5. Permit Issuance
    All permits will be issued the week of 7/27/2015.  If you have submitted your application prior, you will receive your permit onsite or via mail.  
  6. Group Accounts
    If you are part of a group account, you will still be required to remit the completed monthly parking agreement found below.
  7. Buddy Parking
    If you are set up with "Buddy Bay" parking, please provide us with the space # and the name of the person you share this space with.
  8. Monthly Parking Rates
    Monthly Parking Rates will not be changing as a result of this transition.  If these rates are adjusted, you will receive notification within the guidelines of the monthly parking agreement.   


  1. August Payments
    If you have already made payment for your August parking to Standard Parking, your payment will be honored and your permit will not be impacted by this transition.  Our team will reconcile your account with the Standard Parking accounts receivable.  
  2. Electronic Submission
    Attach each completed file and email to with the subject "August 1st Transition"
  3. Mailing the Agreement (if necessary, electronic submission is preferred)  
    Mail each completed form to our office located at: Attn: Accounts Receivable, 1400 Dublin Rd., Columbus, OH, 43215

Please submit all forms by 7/29/2015 to allow ample time time for processing. All new monthly permits will be mailed once payment has been processed. Current Standard Parking permits will be null and void making them subject to tow beginning 8/7/2015.