In Luxury Residences, the image presented to the outside world, including prospective owners, lies primarily in the hands of the front service staff. The doormen, bellmen, valets, and guest services personnel are the primary source of owner/staff interaction. Although the functions and service expectations are similar to those found in the hospitality environment, ParkOps understands the need to acknowledge and address these subtle, yet significant differences.

Your Luxury Residential Team will be formed with only the most professional, experienced, and trustworthy individuals ParkOps has to offer. All positions will be staffed with those who are truly capable of building lasting client relationships and providing personal, five-diamond service. Our Residents will truly appreciate the rigorous selection process and concerted effort to minimize staff turnover.

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Your Luxury Residences Team will provide:

  • Door, Valet, Bell, Concierge, Security, and Chauffeur
  • Continuous Staff and Process Developmentg
  • Custom Services - You always call the shots.
  • Responsive, Hands on Management
  • Transparent Reporting/Accounting
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Facility Management and Maintenance
  • Scalable Event Staffing
  • Technology Implementation and Support
    • Online Bill Payment for Monthly Parking Accounts
  • Full Consulting Services


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