Sharing your dedication to patient care, ParkOps will extend your core service values to the arrival and departure process.  A member of our highly trained Hospital Parking Management Team will be the first to treat your patients with the dignity and compassion they receive from your medical professionals.  Our HospitalOps Team members will be empowered, encouraged, and rewarded for creating a positive environment and offering exemplary service to our patients.

Insufficient hospital campus parking can create added stress and dissatisfaction for your guests before they even arrive at your facilities.  For our supply/demand challenged customers, ParkOps can implement a custom parking program that will maximize available parking on your campus.  The addition of valet parking can create space and free limited parking capacity while providing the highest levels of customer service at your healthcare facility.

Hospital Parking Management Teams can include any combination of our talented staff:

  • Qualified Hospital Parking Manager
  • Concierge/Guest Services
  • Valet Parking Attendants
  • Garage Ambassadors
  • Shuttle Drivers
  • Enforcement Officers
  • Facility and Garage Maintenance Staff

Our Hospital Parking Management Team will provide:

  • Superior Service at the Business and Operational level
  • Valet Parking Service, automation solutions as required
  • Revenue Maximization and control processes
  • Responsive, Hands on Management
  • Facility Management and daily maintenance
  • Efficient Staffing scaled to meet your arrival and departure trends
  • Transparent Reporting/Accounting
  • Strategically Placed Signage and traffic controls to ease campus navigation
  • Advanced Consultation Services
    - Utilization and Feasibility Planning Studies
    - Shared Parking Strategy Implementation
    - Remote Parking Strategy Implementation
  • Technology Implementation and Support
    - Online Bill Payment for Monthly Parking Accounts

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